Cleveland Hopkins Airport
A plane taxis the runway at Cleveland Hopkins Airport on Oct. 15, 2014 in Cleveland, Ohio. Chief Battalion William Graham, a Cleveland veteran firefighter, was arrested three times within 24 hours in Hopkins Airport after repeatedly attempting to board a JetBlue plane. Michael Francis McElroy/Getty Images

A Cleveland man and 30-year veteran firefighter pleaded no contest to misdemeanor charges Wednesday after he was arrested three times within 24 hours over incidents that took place at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

Chief Battalion William Graham, 55, was first arrested Monday afternoon after attempting to board a flight while under the influence of alcohol. According to court records, Graham was barred from boarding a flight to Boston due to severe intoxication, which was confirmed by JetBlue.

Footage recorded by a police officer's body cam during the first incident Monday showed an intoxicated Graham arguing with a JetBlue employee at an airline gate.

"I'm a battalion chief in the city of Cleveland," said Graham to the airline worker in the video, slurring his words and identifying himself as a seasoned firefighter.

When police attempted to remove Graham from the premises, he became combative and disruptive, swearing at the officers.

After moving outside, Graham fought verbally with law enforcement before he was arrested.

The incident would prove to be the first of three within a 24-hour cycle. Graham was again arrested after boarding his re-booked flight the following morning, this time as the plane had taxied away from the gate and was set for departure.

Graham was reportedly hostile towards passengers and refused to follow safety instructions set by the airline. He also purportedly attacked airline employees in the hallway.

Graham was arrested a final time for disorderly conduct later again on Tuesday afternoon, only five hours after his second arrest. The third incident garnered Graham a charge for disorderly conduct, the most serious of the three charges

A judge ordered Graham to pay $100 in fines for the first two charges. The third charge may mean more serious penalties, ranging from probation to six months in jail, and the possibility of paying up to $1,000 in fines.

Since the first incident, Graham has been placed on restricted duty leave. Representatives from the Cleveland Division of Fire have not commented on the arrests.

“He recognizes his actions and accepted responsibility," said Graham's attorney Henry Hilow after a court hearing.