Monday night was the premiere of Marvel Studios’ latest superhero flick, “Black Panther.” While full reviews are still embargoed, some critics gave their brief first impressions on social media last night, and it looks like Michael B. Jordan is emerging as the breakout star.

The “Creed” actor portrays villain Erik Killmonger. He’ll challenge T’Challa’s (Chadwick Boseman) claim to the throne, but don’t expect to hate him. It sounds like he’ll evoke some sympathy.

CNN critic Frank Pallotta considers him a “top tier villain” while Vox’s Todd VanDerWerff believes Killmonger bests all other Marvel villains. Business Insider’s Jason Guerrasio said Jordan “the movie elevates” whenever he shows up.

Los Angeles Times writer Jen Yamato praised “Black Panther” as “The 1st MCU movie about something real,” and she noted that Killmonger made her cry.

Film critic ReBecca Theodore-Vachon noted that the character is “menacing and charming.” She also teased that his final remarks stayed with her.

FanBros’ Mellow Marketer said black audiences will relate to Killmonger. Shondaland editor Kendra James, meanwhile, noted that his story is “prescient and familiar and too plausible.”

TheWrap’s Phil Owen may have given Jordan the compliment he most hoped for. He said Jordan’s performance as Killmonger is comparable to Heath Ledger’s legendary performance as the Joker in “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Jordan has said before that he looked to Ledger and Ian McKellan’s performance as Magneto in “X-Men” for inspiration.

Though Jordan’s performance seems to be getting the most attention, all of the supporting cast has been praised. The female characters seem to be earning plenty of fans. Danai Gurira (who plays warrior Okoye) and Letitia Wright (who plays tech genius Shuri), in particular, impressed the early reviewers.

And it isn’t just the acting that’s being hailed as great. Generally, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Everything from the directing to the costumes is being appreciated. The critics aren’t pointing out many flaws yet, and it seems like this could be one of the most beloved Marvel Cinematic Universe movies ever.

Black Panther reviews
Michael B. Jordan (left) is earning tons of praise in the early reviews of “Black Panther.” Marvel Studios