Coney Island's famous hot dog eating contest will add the first ever women's only table this year.

Four qualified women who have proven they can eat will compete against each other in Nathan's Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest this Monday to win the pink belt trophy and the $10,000 prize.

Introducing the contestants who will pigout :

Sonya The Black Widow Thomas
The 42-year-old Burger King manager from Alexandria, Virginia weighs just 105 pounds. She hopes to beat her personal and women's world record of 41 hot dogs plus buns in ten minutes.

Laura Leu
The 33-year-old food writer from Brooklyn, New York was formerly a cheerleader at the hot dog contest but a first timer as a contestant.

Juliet Lee
45-year-old beautician from Maryland enjoys Chinese buffets and holds the world record for cranberry-sauce eating.

LaRelle Marie Mele
The 47-year-old personal trainer from Pennsylvania described this year's women only table as an excitement similar to when women were given the right to vote. She also prefers buffets to regular restaurants.