“Fixer Upper” Season 4 Garden Shop
Chip and Joanna Gaines of HGTV's “Fixer Upper” will open the doors to their garden shop this spring. HGTV

The Magnolia franchise is growing — literally!

HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” star Joanna Gaines recently announced that she and her husband Chip are working on a new project — one that will open their doors to the public on April 25.

“Our newest addition to the Silos grounds is the garden shop, Magnolia Seed and Supply!” Joanna unveiled to her fans in a Facebook post, adding that the sweet, little store, located in Waco, Texas, will sell “fun gardening accessories and tools” as well as fairy garden supplies.

Joanna has featured her adorable fairy gardens in her HGTV home renovation series, which was renewed for a fourth season in March. The designer, who spends her free time relaxing in her garden, explained that the enchanted activity was created to inspire her daughters, Ella and Emmie Kay, to grow their own green thumbs.

“A few years back we started our little ‘fairy garden’ tradition as a way for my girls to get more involved and have their own little miniature gardens to take care of,” Joanna explained in a blog post for Magnolia Market. “And also I just really love miniature things.”

In addition to the sweet, little gardens being a lovely add-on to any greenhouse, Joanna explained that creating the fairy habitats teach her daughters “the accountability of caring for their own plants.”

In her blog, Joanna gives fans step-by-step instructions how to create their own, miniscule fairy communities from divulging the plants to use in the project to where garden enthusiasts can obtain tiny décor for their fairy cities. (Hint: Magnolia Seed & Supply will offer the little accessories!)

But that’s not the only grand opening Joanna and Chip are set to celebrate this spring. The southern couple’s bakery, Magnolia Flour, will also welcome visitors into its sweet establishment late in the flower blooming season.

“Fixer Upper” will return to HGTV with its fourth season this fall.