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  • A Florida man, 39, admitted to striking his wife with a slice of pizza last Friday
  • The two got into a verbal altercation after the wife "physically disciplined" their child
  • Responding officers noted that the walls and ceiling of the scene were covered with pizza sauce

A Florida man slapped his wife in the face with a slice of pizza after the latter "physically disciplined" their son, leaving the scene splattered with sauce, police documents showed.

Two officers were dispatched to a residence in Marion County Friday afternoon over a "911 hang-up" and possible domestic disturbance, according to a probable cause affidavit obtained by the Smoking Gun.

The responding officers learned that a man, identified as Ortelio Alfonso, had a verbal altercation with his wife, who was not named.

Alfonso, 39, was upset after she "physically disciplined" their son "on his bottom area," his wife told police.

Alfonso then "got in her face and began to point ... [at] her face but did not strike her" before grabbing a slice of pizza and using the piece of bread to slap the victim in the left side of her face, the affidavit read.

It was unclear if Alfonso's wife suffered any injuries from the incident.

Aside from the couple, there were no other witnesses to the slap, the wife claimed.

Their son was allegedly not present during the incident as he was outside at the time.

One of the officers "observed the victim to have pizza sauce over the front of her shirt, the collar of her shirt and the rear portion of her shirt."

Alfonso's wife also had "remnants of pizza in her hair and ear."

"The victim allowed me to view the interior of the residence where the incident occurred. I observed there to be pizza sauce on the walls and the ceiling of the kitchen area which further corroborated the victim's statement," police said in the affidavit.

Alfonso reportedly admitted to striking his wife after being handcuffed and read his rights, claiming that he threw the pizza and "did not physically strike the victim with his hands, just with the pizza."

He was arrested on a misdemeanor battery count and booked into the county jail before being released Saturday.

Alfonso, who works for a landscaping firm and lives in an Ocala suburb, is scheduled to be arraigned next Wednesday.

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