Mark Hamill
"Star Wars" actor Mark Hamill is due as a guest star in a 2015 episode of "The Flash" Season 1. Reuters

Mark Hamill may be getting a lot of attention for reprising his role as Luke Skywalker in the upcoming “Star Wars” movie, but fans will be able to watch the “Force Awakens” actor return to another old role first. HitFix got the scoop that Hamill will appear on “The Flash” on the CW when the series resumes in January, playing the same role he played on the 1990-91 “Flash” television show -- supervillain the Trickster.

In the DC Comics universe, James Jesse, aka the Trickster, is a former circus acrobat who has become a con man, prankster and an enemy of the Flash. Hamill portrayed Jesse in the 1990s show, which starred John Wesley Shipp as Barry Allen. Shipp appears in the current CW series as Barry’s father, who is serving a life sentence in Iron Heights prison. Hamill will be reunited with Shipp in his guest appearance in episode 17; Jesse is also locked up in Iron Heights while a new version of the Trickster takes on the Flash outside in Central City.

Meanwhile, “The Flash” is coming up on its midseason finale on Tuesday and Barry (Grant Gustin) will have his hands full with his toughest case yet. The new superhero will come face to face with Reverse Flash -- the meta-human responsible for his mother’s death. Barry and Joe (Jesse Martin) have been searching for the murderer all season in an effort to clear Barry’s father’s name. In the episode, titled “The Man in the Yellow Suit,” he will finally have the chance.

Watch the promo for the midseason finale below:

Fans can watch Barry take on his mother’s killer on “The Flash” on Thursday at 8 p.m. EST on the CW. However, the wait will be a little longer to see Mark Hamill return to the “Flash” universe as the Trickster. Hamill will make his guest appearance in episode 17 when the show returns in 2015.

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