The Flash
An upcoming flashback will reveal part of Dr. Wells' (Tom Cavanaugh) backstory on "The Flash." The CW

"The Flash" is flashing back! Fans and the S.T.A.R. Labs team now know that Dr. Wells (Tom Cavanaugh) is not what he appears to be on the CW series. However, even though the secretive scientist’s Reverse Flash identity has been revealed, the character’s backstory remains a mystery. That might change soon as executive producer Andrew Kreisberg promises some insightful flashbacks are on the way.

“The Flash” executive producer told TV Line that viewers can expect some peeks into the past after Barry’s (Grant Gustin) time traveling in episode 15.

“In Episode 17 we’re going to get a flashback from [Dr. Wells’] point of view, which we’re really excited about,” says Kreisberg. “And in [another] episode, everyone’s going to flash back to when Barry was in the coma. So, you’ll see that time from Wells’ point of view, Caitlin’s point of view, and Joe, and Iris…. You get to fill in a little bit more of the backstory.”

After Wells revealed to Cisco (Carlos Valdes) – before killing his young scientist protégé –that his real name was Eobard Thawne, he confessed that he had come to Central City from another time. “To me, you’ve been dead for centuries,” said Wells before putting his fist through Cisco’s heart. Comic book readers know that Eobard Thawne – a.k.a. Reverse Flash – is originally from the 25th century. Could Wells’ flashback explain how he ended up in the present day?

The second flashback, which will feature each character during Barry’s coma, should be enlightening as well. It was clearly Wells’ plan for Barry to become the Flash in the particle accelerator blast and the look back might provide some insight into what the villain has planned.

What will be learned in the flashbacks? Fans will have to wait to find out. It sure seems like the next few episodes of “The Flash” will be can’t-miss TV. “The Flash” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EDT on the CW.

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