Grant Gustin as The Flash
“The Flash” star Carlos Valdes revealed that DC Comics character Gypsy will be introduced in the CW series later in Season 3. The CW

“The Flash” actor Carlos Valdes recently revealed that Cisco will gain more knowledge about his Vibe powers with the help of a new character to be introduced later in Season 3.

“There’s gonna be a new visitor to our world named Gypsy,” Valdes said (via Cinema Blend). “DC Comics fans will be familiar with Gypsy. She’s gonna be coming into our world and Vibe will definitely get to learn some new skills as part of getting to know her.”

A casting announcement for the character has not been made yet, but YVRShoots pointed out that the new actress spotted during “The Flash” shoot in downtown Vancouver on Friday, Dec. 2 could be playing Gypsy.

In the photos taken during the shoot, the unidentified actress is wearing a leather long-sleeved top and a pair of fitted combat pants. During the shoot, the new cast member was spotted filming scenes with Valdes, Grant Gustin (Barry Allen/The Flash), Keiynan Lonsdale (Wally West/Kid Flash) and Violett Beane (Jesse Wells/Jesse Quick). The exact sequence they were shooting was unclear, but a fan who was in the location at the time wrote on Twitter that the actors were part of an action scene involving Savitar and Grodd.

Created by Gerry Conway and Chuck Patton, Gypsy has the ability to cast illusions which allows her to blend into the background and become invisible. She’s a master of martial arts and can also project terrifying images to the minds of her opponents. Gypsy has been a member of Justice League Task Force, Birds of Prey and Conglomerate. In the New 52 reboot, Gypsy was depicted as a metahuman refugee from another dimension held captive by Amanda Waller.

According to Comic Book Resources, Gypsy debuted in 1984’s “Justice League of America Annual” #2 — the same issue in which Vibe made his first appearance.

“The Flash” is currently on its midseason hiatus. Its next episode (Season 3, episode 10) airs on Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2017 at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.