Candice Patton as Iris
Iris (Candice Patton) tries to honor Barry’s (Grant Gustin) last words in the extended trailer for Season 4 of “The Flash.” The CW

Iris and Cisco get into a heated argument in the extended trailer for Season 4 of CW’s “The Flash.”

In the one-and-a-half-minute video, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) tells Iris that they need to get Barry (Grant Gustin) out of the Speed Force because they are barely protecting Central City without him. Surprisingly, Iris (Candice Patton) doesn’t agree with Cisco as she tries to honor her fiancé ’s last words before he locked himself up in the Speed Force at the end of Season 2.

“Just us trying to keep the city safe, we barely get it done. We need to bring Barry back,” Cisco tells Iris.

“No,” replies Iris. “Barry told us to keep moving forward not to save him.”

Shocked by Iris’ response, Cisco confronts her: “What is your deal? It’s like you didn’t even want him back.”

Iris then asks him, “Are you sure that Barry is even still alive?”

Valdes and Patton briefly talked about the tension between their characters in the Season 4 premiere during a panel at Heroes and Villains FanFest in New Jersey last weekend.

“Iris and Cisco butt heads a little bit in episode 1,” Valdes said (via Geeks of Doom) “There’s never been any antagonistic energy with these characters before.”

“Iris and Cisco have very different ideas on if they should bring Barry back,” Patton said. “It gets really tenuous.”

Valdes first teased the conflict between Iris and Cisco in an interview with Entertainment Weekly last August. “I wish I could say that the team unanimously agrees that things are not the same when the season starts, but not everybody feels that way,” Valdes said at the time. “Most of the energy on the team is toward getting Barry back, and Cisco may or may not have some things up his sleeve with regards with how to make that happen, but there is a member of the team that’s not on board, and that ultimately makes the mission to get Barry back a lot more difficult.”

“The Flash” Season 4 premieres on Tuesday, Oct. 10 at 8 p.m. EDT on The CW. Watch the extended trailer for the new season below: