keiynan lonsdale the flash
Keiynan Lonsdale, star of “The Flash,” just released a brand new song. The CW

Run like the wind, or like Kid Flash, to check out Keiynan Lonsdale’s new music.

Lonsdale, who plays Wally West AKA Kid Flash on The CW’s “The Flash,” happens to be a talented singer/songwriter.

In fact, the former “Dance Academy” star just dropped his brand new single “Good Life” on Thursday and it’s pure fire. It’s the kind of song that the repeat button was made for and that’ll make driving down the highway with the windows down just that much more fun.

But this is far from out of the blue for Lonsdale. Although he’s often known for his acting, he’s also been putting out music. He came out with his single “Higher” back in 2015, before releasing his first EP, “Higher Vol. 1,” later that same year on Soundcloud. He has since deleted the EP from his account, wanting people to focus on the new music that he’d be working on.

His love for music goes back even further, though. He started posting song covers, and some parodies, to YouTube over five years ago, only slowing down and then stopping once he decided to focus most of his efforts on releasing original music and putting out some videos on his Facebook. Not to mention his super role on “The Flash” started taking up a lot of time, too.

Although YouTube has been put on the backburner, and he deleted many of his past videos, his content on there is still important to check out. Not only does he have some pretty amazing covers, like of Jason Derulo’s “It Girl,” which he filmed with his former “Dance Academy” co-star Jordan Rodrigues, but it’s important to see his musical style evolution.

The last video he posted to his YouTube channel is a cover of Rihanna’s “Work” back in February 2016. Around that time, a little bit earlier, he started posting singing videos to his Facebook page, dubbing Mondays as #MakeItMondays and the day he’d release a new cover. Besides singing, Lonsdale also showcased his dancing talents, because he’s a total triple-threat. While he had put up a few on YouTube, as well, one of his most well-received pieces was his video featuring choreography that honored Michael Jackson, which he called “Project Michael.” The tribute video was pure art.

While he continues to put out videos here and there, original music is what he’s really working on and trying to bring to his fans. “Good Life” is a whole new stage in his musical evolution and only shows that he’s been working hard. Somehow he’s found time to work on this aspect of his career while he’s been filming for the new season of “The Flash,” which premieres in October. And in this season, he’s sure to have a lot more scenes as he has to take full reins as Central City’s main superhero since Barry Allen (AKA The Flash) won’t be around, at least in the beginning to help out. That’s a lot to handle, but he seems to be handling it all just fine. He’s living the good life.