Nina Dobrev
Nina Dobrev, pictured at the “xXx” premiere on Jan. 19, 2017 in Los Angeles, stars in Sony’s “Flatliners” reboot. Getty Images

Las Vegas - A near death experiment results in ghastly effects in Sony Pictures’ trailer for 2017’s “Flatliners.”

The studio released the first trailer for the horror reboot Monday night during CinemaCon’s opening presentation, and it didn’t disappoint. In the trailer, Ellen Page’s character Courtney asks a boy if he wants to join her and have some fun. He agrees, only to learn she wants him and others to kill her for a science experiment.

Why try to die? Page’s character reveals she wants to learn what happens to the body after a near death experience. She asks them to stop her heart with a defibrillator just for a minute. When they’re successful, Courtney and her medical students friends all try it out, but it isn’t fun and games for long.

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After a few trips back from the almost afterlife Page’s character and her pals, played by Nina Dobrev, James Norton and Kersey Clemons to name a few, all start to get visits from the beyond.

After showing Page and her friends suffer from otherworldly visions and visits from the undead, Courtney announces, “This is all my fault.” The trailer ends with her character getting dragged away by an unknown being.

“Flatliners” is based off the 1990 horror movie of the same name. The new version debuts in theaters in September.