A man stabbed his roommate with a knife before turning the weapon on himself in order to "release satan." The incident took place in Florida on Wednesday (April 29).

Police responded to an apartment after receiving information of a stabbing incident. The officers found a man trying to harm himself with a knife. The officers then found another man lying on the floor with a stab wound. They restrained the man trying to harm himself. When the officers held him to the ground, the man started making comments such as “Satan will come out of my wound, you will see” and “Satan is still in me.”

He continued making statements like “Satan was a worm and is gonna come out of me,” and “If I can’t talk, Satan will kill me.” The man, later identified as 25-year-old Joseph Dolash, was taken into custody.

The officers turned their attention to the other man who was lying on the floor with a stab wound to his chest. The victim, a roommate of Dolash, was rushed to a nearby hospital.

According to a report, the victim told the officers that the accused held the knife to his throat before slashing him several times with the weapon. While attacking the victim, Dolash allegedly told him that “the devil was in him and he needed to get the worm out.” The accused also asked the victim to “suck the devil out” of his blood from the self-inflicted wound on his wrist. Police said that when they entered the apartment, they found blood all over the walls and floor.

The accused was charged with first degree premeditated attempted murder and is being held at the Seminole County Jail without bond. Investigation was ongoing and the condition of the victim was not known.

The incident comes days after a woman stabbed her roommate during a drunken dispute in an apartment in New York. When the roommate dumped Daria Alyabyeva’s drink into the sink, the latter grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed the former multiple times in the face and stomach. The accused was taken into custody and charged with attempted murder in the second degree.

Representational image of a handcuff. Pixabay