A Florida man took a roundabout way to making the streets safer Sunday, as he called 911 to report himself as a drunk driver. Michael Lester of Winter Haven, Florida was driving on New Year’s Eve while significantly under the influence of multiple substances when he called 911 and asked to be pulled over, WPLG-10 reported.

The incident was recounted in full detail in a post on the Polk County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page :

“So Michael called 911, and told the dispatcher that he was driving drunk, and needed to be pulled over. The dispatcher, who did a fantastic job by the way, continually tried to get Michael to pull over, kept him talking, and directed a deputy to Michael's location.

Fortunately, Michael was stopped before anyone got hurt. Michael first told the deputy he had only two beers (standard drunk answer). Then he changed it to three or four (slightly more accurate). He also mentioned that he had only slept four hours in the past four days. Oh, and he also said that he had swallowed meth earlier, instead of smoking it.”

The post took a humorous tone, noting that nobody got hurt and everything was ultimately fine. Lester, however, was hit with charges for drunk driving, not wearing a seatbelt, improper use of the center lane and driving on the wrong side of the road.

Lester’s 911 call was recorded and posted on the Facebook page. It can be heard below.