• The man's body was found on Florida's Hutchinson Island
  • Deputies said that the man likely died of suffocation
  • Police are awaiting toxicology reports to determine the official cause of the death

A 35-year-old Florida man who was filming sunrise at a beach died when a sand dune collapsed on top of him, authorities said.

The Martin County Sheriff's Office said that the accident took place at Rock Beach on Hutchinson Island, about 120 miles north of Miami and West Palm Beach, Miami Herald reported. The incident came to light after a beach visitor spotted the body sticking out from the sand Sunday morning and called the cops.

Deputies said in a statement that the man likely died of suffocation as a result of being buried under the sand. It is believed that the man died just hours before his body was discovered.

Bereaved family and friends of the victim identified him as Sean Nagel, People reported.

Police said they aren't suspecting any foul play in the case. Officers are awaiting a toxicology report to ascertain the exact cause of the death. They said in the statement that the tests are routine procedures and the results "are not likely to change the outcome of this incident being a tragic accident."

Officials theorized that Sean might have dug a small amount of sand out of the dune and then "sat inside the dune with his feet elevated." He was likely intending to position himself in a good spot so as to ease the filming efforts. However, officials said that the dune broke apart, leaving him trapped underneath the sand.

A GoPro camera and a plastic bag were recovered near Sean's body, according to Treasure Coast Newspapers. Indian Riverkeeper Jim Moir told the outlet that the dune was a manmade one.

"This might be more expected on an unnatural or a manmade dune," he said. "This is sand or dune that's been deposited by earthmovers, rather than nature," Moir added. It may not have settled naturally over time. It may have just been deposited and not compacted."

Sean's brother, Will Nagel, confirmed the news on Facebook and said the family is organizing a memorial event. "I am grief-stricken and still in disbelief to tell you all that my younger brother Sean Alexander Nagel is no longer with us on this earth," the older Nagel wrote in the post.

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A Texas man on vacation in Florida was in critical condition after he was briefly “buried alive” when a sand dune collapsed on top of him, Jan.28, 2018. In this photo, Waves from the Atlantic Ocean roll onto the beach adjacent to President Donald Trump's beach front Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, Jan.11, 2018. Getty Images