Wildlife experts are baffled by the strange walking patterns of Florida’s bobcat and panther population.

The issue first emerged after state wildlife officials saw footage of animal trails of the bobcats and panthers stumbling as they walk. The footage shows large cats walking, with their front legs showing no issue at all. However, their hind legs crossing or just giving out completely.

Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservative Commission had been investigating the problems after first seeing the footage. They subsequently revealed that they did discover neurological damage in one bobcat and one panther.

Despite the findings, experts haven’t been able to find a definite cause and that the problem is widespread across the state.

“While the number of animals exhibiting these symptoms is relatively few, we are increasing monitoring efforts to determine the full scope of the issue,” FWC’s Fish and Wildlife Research Institute director Gil McRae said in a statement. “We’re working with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and a wide array of experts from around the world to determine what is causing this condition.”

McRae did reveal that they have ruled out certain diseases and other possible causes thus far. Instead, the FWC will be looking more into possible poisoning from toxins they could have been exposed to. They will also look into other possible diseases that may have caused neurological damage, along with nutritional problems.