A Florida woman got quite the Halloween fright when she was chased by a bear, and it wasn’t just someone in costume.

But Millie Thompson, of Naples, was able to get to safety after a neighbor came to her aid.

“I just stood there and just panicked. Where am I going to go?” Thompson told NBC 2 News. The bear “wasn’t just strolling or looking. It was running.

“I didn’t know if I could make it or what, and I just took my hands like this and I said, ‘Dear God, what now?'” she added, gesturing with her hands on the sides of her face.

That’s when a neighbor pulled up in his car and told her to get in. As Thompson reached safety, the bear then retreated into the woods.

Thompson said her Indigo Parks neighborhood in Naples has had run-ins with bears before, including a neighbor’s near-encounter with a black bear two weeks ago.

“We have a bear problem,” she said. “They’re not afraid of us.”

Thompson said she’s most concerned about the children in the neighborhood.

“It could’ve been a child doing that same thing,” she said, referring to being chased by a bear.