A woman’s blind date took a terrifying turn when she found herself involved in a police chase.

The incident originally took place early Thursday morning when a Flagler County Sheriff’s deputy attempted to pull a vehicle over for a tag violation. Instead, the officers found themselves in a chase near Palm Coast, Florida, when the driver refused to stop. Other deputies were able to get ahead of the car and roll out stop sticks to halt the vehicle.

When police approached the vehicle, the only one was present was the woman who had been on a date with the driver. The man fled into the nearby woods, leaving the woman alone. However, she was not charged by police for the incident.

The woman revealed to police that she had met the man on a dating site. They had met up earlier in the evening, got dinner at a Denny’s in Palm Coast and were heading back to her home.

While the man claimed that he believe he would go to jail for driving with a suspended license, police think there might be something more to his evasion of police.

“If he was saying he's bailing out for that reason, it would lead us to believe that maybe there's more in his background that he's hiding,” Flagler County Sheriff's Office Chief Chris Sepe told WESH-TV, an NBC affiliate in Orlando.

Sepe also noted that the driver was above the speed limit and driving erratically.

This wasn’t the first incident for the unnamed woman involving another man.

She was involved in a confrontation outside a store in Bunnell, Florida, in July, involving a man she was trying to get away from. As she attempted to drive away, the man threw himself on her car and shattered her windshield. When she got out of the car, the man immediately attacked her and knocked her unconscious.