A Florida man is in trouble with the law and his wife after allegedly groping a female worker at a Sanford restaurant he co-owns last Friday. Anthony Sirica faces charges of attempted sexual battery, battery, and exposure of sexual organs.

An unidentified female told police that she was helping Sirica sort items in a storage shed when she tripped over a box. While helping her up, Sirica allegedly groped her breast, according to a police report obtained by WESH.

He did not stop there, but the woman secretly recorded what he did next. Sirica then reportedly approached the woman with an erect penis visible from his unzipped jeans and proceeded to grab her head and push it towards his zipper, reports WKMG.

Police said the video showed the woman was giving clear cues she did not want to perform oral sex and that she "did not wish to be touched."

Authorities also state that Sirica made an excuse for his alleged actions in the footage, saying, “All kidding aside, once you start, I won’t do that because you will be on my payroll and it becomes a different story.”

After the assault, the female left the storage area and headed to Sirica's house, where she told his wife what happened before contacting police, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

When he was later questioned by a detective, police said that Sirica said he was unable to explain his behavior in the footage but stated that he did not have sex with the female.

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