A Florida woman was accused of shooting her estranged husband in the testicles in an attempt to stop him from taking their air conditioner with him.

Kimberly Dunn was arrested and booked into Columbia County Jail on Tuesday on a contempt of court charge for failing to show up in court for the aggravated battery charge from October last year, filed by her ex-husband.

Dunn was going through a divorce with her husband when the incident that led to the aggravated battery charge, took place, CBS affiliated Action News Jax reported. 

It all started when Dunn’s husband discovered that his soon-to-be ex-wife was planning on selling their air conditioning unit on Facebook. The victim arrived at her house with his brother to take AC with him. But when they tried to unhook the unit to take it with them, they found Dunn was not ready to surrender it so easily.

She sat on top of the air conditioner, refusing to let them take it. When her husband tried to remove her from top of the unit, she took out a pink stun gun and tried to electrocute him with it.

At that point, Dunn was struck in the head and she fell down on the floor, which made her drop both the stun gun as well as another handgun that she was in possession of.

Dunn reportedly got up from the floor and pulled the handgun on her husband, shooting him in the testicles.

Yelling, “you shot my brother,” the victim’s brother lunged at Dunn, choking her till she passed out. After that, Dunn’s ex-husband collected the assault weapon before his brother drove him to the hospital to seek treatment.

Dunn was arrested the same day and was taken to Columbia County jail. She told the deputies that she did not mean to physically hurt her ex-husband but only intended to scare him.

Dunn’s failure to show up to face her original charges earned her an additional contempt of court charge, which according to the records, do not carry a bond.

This is not the first instance of an angry woman targeting a man’s private parts in the heat of the moment. In February 2017, an Arizona woman shot her boyfriend, whom she suspected of having an affair with another woman, seven times, including in his penis and scrotum, when he was sleeping.

The man woke up and thought for a moment that he was hearing fireworks before feeling excruciating pain and realizing he had been shot. He was rushed to the hospital and miraculously survived his wounds.

Della Flores, 53, was held on a $750,000 secured bond and her release was condition upon the submission of a written agreement detailing a number of restrictions that the judge placed on her.

"You may not go to the scene of the alleged crime or have any contact with the alleged victim. It does appear he is going to survive," the judge said, AZ Family reported. "You may not possess any weapons, not any drugs without a prescription. You must obey terms of any order of protection that's issued against you."