• The woman confessed to a neighbor that she had killed her 81-year-old partner
  • Cops arrived at her house with a warrant on being informed about the murder
  • The 50-year-old accused had been living with the unidentified victim since 2008

A Florida woman was arrested after cops found the body of an elderly man buried in a shallow grave behind her Miami Gardens home.

Clio Maria Trice, 50, was charged with second-degree murder following the discovery of the 81-year-old victim’s body.

Trice had confessed to a neighbor about striking her partner in the head and strangling him to death Friday before burying him in her backyard, Local 12 reported.

“She went and told a person that she had some things on her mind and that’s when she told a neighbor she snapped and choked him to death, and then she buried him in the backyard,” said neighbor Alex Hughes said, according to CBS Miami.

The neighbor informed cops, who arrived Monday at the woman’s house with a search warrant.

Officers searched the property and found a freshly dug grave underneath a wooden plank in the backyard. There was a strong smell of decomposition as the officers removed some of the dirt.

Trice admitted to killing her elderly boyfriend and said she intended to turn herself in.

Miami Gardens Police confirmed Tuesday that a corpse was found in the freshly dug grave. Trice was arrested and is being held without bond.

“She did not resist anything or say anything. Probably because she had disclosed what she had done before because, apparently, she couldn’t keep the secret any longer,” neighbor Carlos Savizon reportedly said.

“I was disappointed to learn what she had done because, although I knew her for over 30 years, I’ve discovered that she has two personalities. One that is calm and another one that sometimes gets aggressive,” Savizon added.

Residents in the area were stunned to hear of the victim’s death.

“You never imagine you can wake up and it’s like, next door. It’s your next door neighbor,” Hughes reportedly said.

Neighbors said the couple had been living on the block for over a decade and saw the victim’s health declining over the past few months.

“This is messed up. I lost my neighbor. I guess both of them now,” added Hughes, who told the outlet that he normally spoke to Trice every morning.

Trice told investigators she initially had a “dating relationship” with the victim and had been living with him since 2008, according to NBC 6. She said their relationship later started looking like that of a “father and daughter” and they would often have arguments that sometimes turned physical, a police report said.

The victim’s identity was not revealed.

Representational image Credit: Pixabay / manfredrichter