Floyd Mayweather Jr. will stand before a judge on Wednesday for a misdemeanor that occurred last October. He is accused of threatening two homeowner association security guards outside of his Las Vegas, Nev. home.

Mayweather pleaded not guilty. The presiding judge will be Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Diana Sullivan. Judge Sullivan did not immediately hand down a decision, said prosecutor Roy Nelson.

If found guilty of both harassment charges, Mayweather could face up to a year in prison and $2,000 in fines.

Security guards Aaron Ryan and Miguel Burgos accuse Mayweather of threatening them after they ticketed several of his vehicles. They say his vehicles were in violation of homeowners association rules.

The two security guards did not immediately file a criminal complaint agains Mayweather. However, they did provide recorded interviews to Las Vegas police saying that Mayweather had been argumentative with them, rebuked them for touching his cars, and informed them of gun charges against him. He then removed a ticket from one his vehicles and put on Ryan and Burgos' patrol car.

My homies have guns, if you want me to call them they'd come over here and take care of you, said Mayweather according to The Associated Press.

The security guards informed the police that they believed Mayweather's statements were a threat against their lives. Mayweather, however, did not provide the police with any official statement on the matter.

It was later revealed that Mayweather does not have any pending gun charges against him.

Mayweather is also scheduled to stand trial Nov. 4 for a battery complaint against another homeowner association security guard. The complaint alleges that Mayweather poked the guard in the face during a separate parking ticket incedent. Again, he pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor.

The undefeated prize fighter is also set to appear in court Dec. 21. This will be an evidence hearing for felony charges of a dosemtic dispute with his ex-girlfriend and two children in October of last year. If convicted, Mayweather could face 34 years in prison. His lawyers spoke on his behalf saying he is not culpable of any wrongdoing, according to The AP.

In his professional career, Mayweather has tallied up 42 victories and zero loses, with 26 knockouts.