The best protection against the flu is getting a flu jab. However, reports of cheap flu jabs, which could expose you to more danger, have gotten people worried. The best recourse is to find out where to get the right vaccine.

The National Health Service makes flu vaccine readily available for those who are considered at higher risk of contracting the illness. Usually available from the first week of October to the end of November, those who are 65 years old or over and young children can avail of a flu shot.

Social or health workers who are in the frontline, pregnant women, and people with certain medical issues can also get it. For those who do not belong to any of the categories mentioned, they can get a flu vaccine at a minimal cost.

cheap flu jabs, know the dangers
cheap flu jabs, know the dangers kfuhlert - Pixabay

Beware of the Fraudsters

Recently, however, reports have surfaced about fraudsters who have been calling people over the phone and offering what seems to be a chance at having a cheap flu jab. Those who live in Teesside in North East England, particularly vulnerable old age pensioners or OAPs, are being advised to be extra watchful.

Health officials and authorities are advising those who receive an offer about cheap flu jabs over the phone to immediately contact the police. According to Teesside Live, officials believe the fraudsters are setting their sights on elderly people to swindle them out of their pensions and savings.

As soon as they speak to an elderly on the phone, the fraudsters ask the OAPs if they would like a flu job for a measly £1.50. Once they get a positive confirmation, the fraudsters then ask credit or debit card details. By the time the OAPs become aware of the scam, huge sums of money have already been withdrawn from their accounts.

Don't Give Credit Card Information

A spokeswoman for the Cleveland Police informed the Teesside news site that they are not aware of any instances of the scam happening on the local scene. However, they say they have already heard reports from other places of such frauds relating to fake flu jab payments.

The spokeswoman said that people should never hand over their bank or credit card information to anyone, especially if it is being done by phone. For those who believe they may have been victims of the flu jab scam, they should call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040. They could also get in touch with their local police on 101.

If you want to get a flu vaccine, you should go to known places or those authorized to give out flu jabs. One of them is the Asda Pharmacy, where you can book an appointment to get a flu jab for £7. You can also avail of the walk-in vaccination service of Superdrug at £9.99 per jab.

Starting October, several Tesco Pharmacy stores are offering flu jab services at £10 for those who can make an appointment. You can also avail of their walk-in service after filling out a questionnaire and listening to explanations made by the pharmacist.

Lloyds Pharmacy is also offering flu jabs at £11.50 while a flu jab at Boots costs around £12.99. Make sure you book an appointment either online or at their stores to ensure you get a shot.