The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have recommended that people get a flu shot. However, vaccine producers are saying that the ones who already got the shot may not need to get it again.

This reason behind this is that the vaccine this year is the same flu vaccine that was out last year. This due to the fact that the exact flu is circulating.

The major makers of the flu vaccine stated that there will be more than enough of flu vaccines to go around this year.
In total, it is predicted that there will be around 170 million vaccines to go around to the U.S. public in 2011 which is higher number than last year.

This number is at least 6 million more than the most ever produced.

Americans are getting flu shots in ever increasing numbers; over the last ten months over 40 percent of the population did get vaccinated, compared to 30 percent in past years.

The CDC also is purchasing around 18 million of the 2011-2012 doses, mostly for government vaccine programs for children.

It is still recommended for young children and the elderly to get a flu shot according to the National health experts.

The reason for this is due to the fact that vaccine's protective effect can disappear specifically in the elderly.

However, some other research shows that children protection lasts up to three years, and at least one year in adults.

The current recommendation is everyone over six months of age get yearly flu shot.