On Monday, Renard L. Spivey, who appeared as a bailiff on "Justice For All With Judge Christina Perez" for four years, was charged with the murder of his wife. Allegedly, Spivey, 63, shot her inside their Texas home. 

According to Fox News, when Spivey was not appearing on the television reality court show he also worked as a deputy with the Harris County Sheriff's Office in Houston.

Reportedly, authorities responded to a "domestic disturbance" at around 3:10 am last Sunday. Initially, they were called to the scene regarding reports of "a shooting in progress." Upon arrival, they found Spivey with a gunshot wound to the leg. They then discovered the body of his wife, Patricia Ann Marshall Spivey, who had been fatally shot. 

ABC 10 reports that leading up to the incident, the two had been arguing over his alleged infidelity and use of steroids. Following the verbal disagreement, they are said to have struggled over a gun in their master bedroom closet. The former bailiff then said three shots had been fired, two of which hit Patricia, 52, and one of which hit him.

Additionally, authorities noted that a third person, Patricia's father, had been at the home during the altercation but reportedly said he "did not hear or see anything."

The television personality was booked into the Harris County Jail on Monday, one day after his wife's body was discovered.

A medical examiner concluded that Patricia was first shot in her right arm, which immobilized it. That was followed by a second shot that struck her heart. The examiner also said that bruises were noted around her wrists.

Court documents that were obtained by ABC 13 state that Spivey will undergo a mental health evaluation while he remains in custody. Spivey's defense attorney, Mike DeGeurin, told CNN that he was expected to be released on Wednesday on a $50,000 bond.