• Yulian Gonzalez pleaded guilty to sexual battery charges
  • Gonzalez threatened victims he will send them back to jail if they did not comply
  • After being released from prison, Gonzalez will have to register as a sexual predator

A forme Miami-Dade corrections officer was sentenced to 10 years in prison for raping multiple women under his supervision.

Yulian Gonzalez, who was arrested and charged in 2019, pleaded guilty Wednesday to sexual battery, which prosecutors said was part of a deal. He will further receive 10 years of parole and will be registered as a sexual predator after his release.

Gonzalez used to work for the Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Department (MDCR), and supervised inmates' release as part of the jail system’s house arrest program, reported the Miami Herald. He reportedly raped three women under his supervision, and threatened to send them back to jail if they refused him.

The 36-year-old was initially arrested with four counts of armed kidnapping and armed sexual battery in September 2019. In October, more charges were added after two women, who had previously been under his supervision, came forward.

According to Gonzalez’s arrest warrant, he was assigned to supervise a 43-year-old woman at home, who was awaiting trial on a criminal charge. The woman informed the police that Gonzales had shown romantic interest in her via text and then forced her to perform sexual activities during his visits to her home.

Gonzalez had also taken her to North Miami’s Nexx Motel in his department-issued car, reported Associated Press. According to authorities, GPS and surveillance footage showed this happened on four separate occasions.

A 26-year-old woman told the officers Gonzalez raped her when he was appointed as her probation officer and forced her to have sex with him during his mandatory visits. A 32-year-old also pressed charges against Gonzalez for forcing her to have sex with him while he was in charge of monitoring her house.

“On behalf of MDCR, I am deeply saddened that the actions of one employee could tarnish the good work of the Monitored Release Bureau and the proud men and women of MDCR who dedicate their lives to ensuring the safety of the public,” said MDCR director Daniel Junior, Miami Herald reported.

Gonzalez's lawyer, Judd Aronowitz, said his client's "best interest" was to accept the deal. However, Aronowitz did not comment any further.

Handcuffed prisoner
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