Kim Richards
Kim Richards, photographed at Revolt TV and the National Cable and Telecommunications Association's Celebration of Cable event in Los Angeles, on April 30, 2014, blames lack of self-care for her 2015 relapse. Getty Images

Kim Richards is sober again after making headlines for arrests and drunken outbursts in 2015, but she can't escape her dark past. The former star of Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" made her first appearance on "Watch What Happens Live" since leaving the reality show to discuss her sobriety and what lead her to transgress.

During her sit-down with "WWHL" host Andy Cohen, Kim copped to her mistakes, telling him she made "no excuses" for her behavior. According to Us Weekly, she said she'd had a glass of wine the night before with a friend, which led her to believe she could have one that night at daughter Brooke Brinson's house. The guilt, however, quickly overtook her. The 52-year-old said she panicked and hopped in the car only to realize that drinking and driving wasn't the answer either. She pulled over at the hotel and went inside, pleading with them to let her hang out for a while while she sobered up. The ex "RHOBH" star told Andy that she started drinking again because she'd been so consumed with caring for those around her. She stopped going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and stopped prioritizing her health and sobriety, which she says was the kiss of death.

"I drank that night, no excuses," she admitted. "I stopped focusing on myself. I stopped taking the time for me and going to meetings because I was taking care of other people and stopped caring for myself."

Although Kim is no longer on "RHOBH," her sobriety battle has been a major point of contention on the series in Season 6. Her sister Kyle Richards, who is still on the Bravo reality show, has spent much of this season struggling to come to terms with her hot-and-cold relationship with Kim. Other members of the cast — namely Lisa Rinna, who had beef with Kim during Season 5 — has also had issues processing their tumultuous past. During episode 6 she admitted that she felt somewhat responsible for Kim's relapse because she insinuated on several occasions during the previous season that the former child star may be drinking or doing drugs.

The incidents referenced during Kim's appearance on "WWHL" took place during the last year. On Aug. 10, 2015 she was arrested for allegedly stealing $600 worth of merchandise from a San Fernando Valley, California, Target. TMZ reported the Kim walked into the store, filled up two carts and multiple reusable shopping bags with small items from the dollar section and walked out. She got just a few feet outside the store before she was stopped by a security guard who took her into a back room for questioning. Kim reportedly could not recall whether she had paid for the merchandise or not.

Prior to that she was booked for causing a scene at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Hotel staff claimed she was disrupting diners inside the swanky Polo Lounge. At the time, Us Weekly reported that Richards was at the the restaurant for dinner with friends. Once her pals were gone, Kim was said to have began drinking. She reportedly approached the bar, where she "became loud, telling and laughing at other people." Police forcibly removed her from the premises around 2 a.m.