Edward Snowden, the leaker of NSA secrets, who is believed to be holed up in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport, got a marriage proposal, on Wednesday, from former Russian spy Anna Chapman, who took to her Twitter account to pop the question.

“Snowden, will you marry me?” Chapman tweeted to the fugitive who has been on the run since fleeing to Hong Kong from the U.S. almost two weeks ago. She followed it up with another tweet that read, “@nsa will you look after our children?”

Chapman, who was part of a sleeper cell of Russian agents in the U.S., and got busted in 2010, was sent back to Russia with nine others in what is believed to be the biggest spy swap since the Cold War.

Since returning home in 2010, Chapman, daughter of a Russian diplomat, has become a minor celebrity by taking up various modeling assignments. She graced the cover of Maxim Russia in a Bond-girl inspired outfit in 2010, and has also appeared on Playboy. The former spy even had her own television show titled ‘Secrets of the World.’

Snowden, since leaking information about NSA’s surveillance program in early June, has become a global sensation on social networking sites, and attracted a huge fan following.

“Edward Snowden is Geek Hot. I'd move to Hong Kong to be with him,” a Twitter user wrote, according to the Daily Mail, referring to Snowden’s initial hiding place.

Snowden had sought asylum in 21 countries and many of them, including Brazil, Finland, Germany, India and Poland, have denied the his request so far.