Epic Games is rolling out a new update to its co-op sandbox survival video game “Fortnite.” The patch notes for the update reveal that the game is getting a Cozy Campfire trap and several gameplay fixes.

On Wednesday, Epic Games rolled out patch V.2.1.0 to “Fortnite” that comes with a Cozy Campfire trap, which is actually not a trap at all. Cozy Campfire is an item that players need to place on the floor so they and their friends could gather around it to heal up before the next battle. The Cozy Campfire trap heals anyone nearby for 2 HP per second for 25 seconds. It’s a blue rarity that can be found anywhere.

Patch V.2.1.0 also addresses the issues in weapons, gameplay, audio and UI in Battle Royale. Players will notice that the Boogie Bomb rarity has been changed to blue/rare to accurately depict its true rarity. Meanwhile, the issue that was causing players to pass through recently built and edited structures has been dealt with. The Daily Challenge descriptions have also been shortened since they tend to run off the screen when users are playing the game in different languages.

The new “Fortnite” update also fixes some problems with gameplay, heroes and missions in Save the World. For example, the issue that caused crafting to fail when there is a gap in the inventory has been addressed. The Energized support perk will henceforth properly increase the damage of energy attacks. Meanwhile, the update will correctly implement the requirement in completing quests. Hence, the “Winter’s Chill,” “Deep Freeze” and “Cold as Ice” quests will only be accomplished by completing a 7-day 15 zone survival mission.

Epic Games has also introduced general fixes and changes to “Fortnite.” Players should no longer worry about the rare Battle Royale server crash and the rare Save the World crash that usually occurred when selecting “Reward Info” in the Collection Book. It’s also worth noting that Battle Royale now supports NVIDIA ShadowPlay highlights on PC.

The team that’s responsible for the update noted that patch V.2.1.0 comes with the stuff that fans have been craving for over the holidays. “We know you have all been asking for bug fixes over the holiday season, and we are here to deliver,” the team stated. “We’ve patched up a number of issues across Battle Royale and Save the World and made a number of quality of life improvements in this patch.”

Check out the detailed patch notes of V.2.1.0 here.