In episode 4 of "The Fosters" Season 3, Callie (Maia Mitchell) learned Brandon (David Lambert) had been kicked out of music camp. That revelation would lead to some serious drama, not to mention a bit of illegal adventure, in episode 5.

Here's how it all went down in "Going South":

The episode begins with Callie (Maia Mitchell) waking Brandon (David Lambert) for a special favor. She makes him drive her to Mexico before she reveals the truth about the trip -- she wants to go hang gliding at a shady looking setup by a secluded beach. She feels she has no good stories and wants to do something spontaneous with her best friend. During the dangerous excursion, Brandon tells Callie about getting kicked out of music camp.

Meanwhile, tension arises between Stef (Teri Polo) and Lena (Sherri Saum) when Stef hires a contractor to fix the bathroom without consulting with Lena. Lena wants couples therapy, but in the meantime she makes Stef clean up the trash the raccoons got into overnight. However, while cleaning up the trash, Stef finds a pregnancy test and worries one of the kids is pregnant.

Elsewhere, Mike (Danny Nucci) and A.J. (Todd Williamson) visit A.J.'s grandmother in a retirement home where she is being treated for Alzheimer's disease. After the emotional visit, it occurs to Mike that A.J.'s brother could have visited recently. Sure enough, when they check the books, they find his name. Finally, they have a lead.

Back home, Lena does some snooping and questions Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) about the pregnancy test -- bingo! -- but is thrown off after finding out that Mariana never slept with Mat (Jordan Rodrigues) -- Lena does not know about Wyatt (Alex Saxon). However, later Mariana confesses to Stef and Lena the pregnancy test is hers after her moms begin to suspect the reason Callie went to Mexico -- Stef got that tidbit out of Mariana as well -- was to get an abortion. Initially, Stef makes Mariana feel worse about her decision to sleep with Wyatt, which further upsets Lena, but later Stef comforts Mariana about her having to tell Callie.

Later, A.J. is sitting in the car while Mike apprehends a criminal suspect in a house, but A.J. gets curious and steps out of the car. Another cop tackles and handcuffs A.J. believing, because A.J. is black, he is an accomplice. Back home, A.J. is reeling from the incident and questions why Mike is even helping him. Mike tells an emotional A.J. he wants to believe a kid like him can have a chance.

In Mexico, Callie and Brandon are starting to get cold feet about the whole hang gliding plan when cops show up at the site. They jump off the ledge to avoid being arrested and have quite the time flying -- the superpower Callie always wanted -- but the police are waiting for them when they land. They want a bribe, but all Brandon and Callie have to give is Brandon's keyboard, which he gives up. The two run into another problem when they reach the border and realize they do not have their passports to get back into the U.S. Brandon and Callie fight over his earlier assertion that women cause all of the problems in his life. Callie walks out of the car when Brandon says things were better before she showed up. Brandon chases after Callie, accusing her of having a thing for A.J., but she shuts him up reminding him he is "the common denominator" in all his life's drama. The pair finally return to the car and make up, with Brandon admitting responsibility for his mistakes.

Callie talks their way through customs and the pair make it home safely. Stef and Lena are mad, but first, Brandon has a visitor. His friend from music camp came to tell him his pianist agreed to work with Brandon. He is back in the camp!

As for Lena and Stef, after the bathroom contractor mentions the couple's marital problems, Stef agrees to try therapy.

Meanwhile, Callie tells A.J. about the Mexico adventure and A.J., impressed, starts to make a move. Callie stops him, but says they will see what happens once A.J. officially lives with Mike. Fans will have to wait until next week to see if the romance heats up in the next episode.