• Thousands of residents in California are set to receive checks worth between $500 and $1,200
  • Delaware residents will also receive tax rebates to cope with rising gas prices and groceries
  • Chicago will send out thousands of prepaid gas cards and transport cards to residents this month

Many Americans are set to receive stimulus payments this month as the country continues to struggle with rising prices.

Americans living in the states of California, Delaware and Indiana will receive direct payments this month. Residents of the city of Chicago will also receive prepaid gas cards and transit cards to help them grapple with high inflation.

Here are more details about the states sending direct payments this May.


Thousands of residents in California are set to receive relief payments worth up to $1,200 under the Golden State Stimulus I and Golden State Stimulus II programs. The state will send out either a $600 or $1,200 check for those eligible to receive payments from the first stimulus package and payments amounting to $500, $600, or $1,100 for those who qualify for the second stimulus package.

To be eligible for either program, the recipient must have been a resident of California for more than half of the 2020 tax year and be a resident on the date the payment was issued. Additionally, the recipient must not be declared as a dependent by another taxpayer.


The state of Delaware is expected to issue a tax rebate of $300 to help residents cope with rising gas prices and groceries. Funding for the payments will be taken from Delaware’s $1 billion budget surplus for this year.

In addition to the tax rebate, Delaware will also send one-time checks of $300 to more than 160,000 adult residents who failed to file a return last year. The recipients will be identified through public records.

Checks for recipients of the tax rebate will be sent out this May, while payments for people who did not file a return last year would be sent out in July.


Individual taxpayers in Indiana are set to receive a one-time tax rebate of $125, while married couples will receive $250. All Indiana residents who filed a tax return for the 2020 tax year are eligible to receive the payments.

Indiana residents can receive the payments either through direct deposit or paper checks. The method by which they will receive their payments depends on how they filed their 2021 tax return.


The city of Chicago will send out up to 50,000 prepaid gas cards worth $150 each and up to 100,000 prepaid transport cards worth $50 apiece this month. At least 75% of the cards will be sent to residents in “community areas that face higher mobility hardship” while the remaining 25% will be sent citywide, according to Chicago Moves’ website.

H&R Block Stimulus Check Calculator
H&R Block Stimulus Check Calculator