Another stimulus check doesn’t seem likely to be happening this year, with the economy continuing to seemingly rebound from the worst effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic. However, that doesn’t mean some people are done seeing the funds entirely, with some Americans eligible to actually receive an additional $1,400 payment—so long as they can wait until 2022 to get it.

As it turns out, the passage of the American Rescue Plan in March, which was the bill that sent $1,400 stimulus checks to Americans this year, had a provision that does allow for an additional payment to those eligible next year, after they file their 2021 taxes. Because the check this year was based on 2020 tax returns, those who were expecting a child who was born any time after March 2021 can get another check when they claim their newborn as a dependent on their next tax return, Yahoo! Finance reports.

The extra $1,400 will be subject to the same income restrictions as the initial one of course, which will mean that single filers cannot make more than $75,000 per year while couples filing jointly cannot make more than $150,000. Those making between $75,000-$80,000 or jointly earning between $150,000-$160,000 can earn lesser amounts. Those who exceed those thresholds will not be eligible.

The funds would be in addition to any other money from the Expanded Income Child Tax Credit, if the proposed American Families Plan is passed through Congress. While parents will be eligible to receive additional money from the advanced credit when they file their taxes as well, if the plan to expand those credits until 2025 is passed, they will also continue receiving an additional $300/month for their newborn as well.

As for those who haven’t welcomed children or who do not have them now, the idea of additional stimulus money remains at large, even though petitions calling for additional payments continue to gain steam.

Representational image. Pixabay