• Illinois could send out checks amounting to $100 per person by September
  • Maine could distribute up to $850 in stimulus payments to most residents in June
  • Maine plans to send the payments electronically instead of by paper checks

Americans living in Illinois and Maine could receive more direct payments as the U.S. Congress remains mum on plans for a possible fourth round of stimulus checks.

Senate Democrats in Illinois on Friday proposed $1.8 billion in tax cuts that included provisions for stimulus payments for most residents in the state. The proposed checks would be sent out by September and would largely be funded by the $8.1 billion federal pandemic relief package the state received last year. Part of the funding will also be taken from the state tax revenue surplus.

The bill proposed for most taxpayers to receive $100 per adult and $50 per child in their household. Additionally, property owners would receive up to $300 in property tax relief checks, according to Axios.

The proposal also included provisions that would suspend grocery taxes for six months and suspend gas tax increases. The state would also freeze taxes on school supplies for 10 days.

The Democrats’ proposal will be taken up by the Senate early this week.

In Maine, Democratic Gov. Janet Mills also introduced a bill that would send out up to $850 in stimulus checks to most residents starting June. The proposal also included a provision wherein the payments would be sent electronically rather than by paper checks to ensure that residents get the money faster.

Gov. Mills’ bill has garnered support from both Democrats and Republicans. However, some have voiced concern over the fact that Maine has not sent out checks electronically before. The Department of Administrative and Financial Services also said the process could create logistical issues that may delay the payments instead.

The proposal would still need to pass the legislature with two-thirds support. The state said it will also evaluate whether electronic payment is the best option.

The proposals from Illinois and Maine come as lawmakers in the U.S. Congress remain silent about sending out more direct payments. The Biden administration has also given no indication of any plans to pass another batch of stimulus checks as gas prices remain high in several states.

Representation. A COVID-19 stimulus check. Pixabay