"Olive Kitteridge" cleaned up at the 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards Sunday. The HBO mini-series about a woman struggling with depression in a small town in Maine won six awards, including Outstanding Limited Series or TV Movie and Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or TV Movie. Bolstered by the show's big night, actress Frances McDormand, who won Emmys Sunday for both producing and starring in the four-episode series, called on fans to push HBO to produce more episodes in the future. 

In the press room after her wins, McDormand told reporters, including International Business Times' Monica Castillo, that she wanted fans on social media to put the pressure on the premium cable outlet to adapt more of the short stories from the Elizabeth Strout novel on which the series is based. There are 13 short stories in the book, but HBO chose to adapt just four. 

"So [screenwriter Jane Anderson] actually wrote six hours and HBO placed an order for four, but we would love to do more," said McDormand. "So, I would like you to all start a social media campaign so we can film more of the short stories from 'Olive Kitteridge.' Wouldn't that be fun?"

McDormand also said her admiration for Strout's book was the key selling point in her joining the project. 

"It's a really good story -- 13 short stories -- that Elizabeth Strout wrote in the novel 'Olive Kitteridge.' It was infinitely exciting to read and I thought that it could be a great town to spend some time in, so it wasn't necessarily the character, but it was the whole town of Crosby, Maine."

Watch the trailer for "Olive Kitteridge" below:

"Olive Kitteridge" won Emmys Sunday for  Outstanding Limited Series or TV Movie,  Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or TV Movie (McDormand),  Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or TV Movie (Richard Jenkins), Outstanding Suppoting Actor in a Limited Series or TV Movie (Bill Murray),  Outstanding Writing ina Limited Series or TV Movie (Jane Anderson), and  Outstanding Direction in a Limited Series or TV Movie (Lisa Cholodenko).

The entire mini-series is currently availbale for streaming on HBO GO and HBO Now. As for more episodes, only time will tell if Twitter answers McDormand's call.