As Hurricane Sandy makes its way across the country headed for the East Coast, the strong storm slated with the severity level of 1991’s “perfect storm” has been dubbed “Frankenstorm” for its Halloween peak date.

The storm, nicknamed “Frankenstorm” by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration forecaster Jim Cisco, stemmed from Hurricane Sandy and will likely hit the East Coast over the weekend and extend through Halloween.

“Frankenstorm,” 2012’s worst storm thus far, is 90 percent likely to blast the East Coast, namely New York and New Jersey which will experienced the harshest of the weather conditions. Weather forecasters said the storm will bring gale-force winds, heavy rain, flooding and possibly snow as early as Sunday and could last as long as Wednesday.

Since it was dubbed “Frankenstorm,” with much buzz about it being the worst storm in decades, many creative minds took to the Internet to create memes based on the nickname. For example, one meme used The Success Kid as its subject, baring the text, “Bring it on Frankenstorm.” Another used an image of Ned Stark from “Game of Thrones,” with the caption, “Brace yourself… ‘Frankenstorm’ is coming.”