Weather forecasters are predicting some wicked weather all along the U.S. East Coast in the coming days as families prepare to celebrate Halloween. A cold front moving across the Great Lakes region is expected to collide with Hurricane Sandy and combine to make a squall that’s already been dubbed the “Frankenstorm.” While the terrible weather will be cause for concern for many, others will use the timing as an excuse to celebrate in a “Frankenstorm” Halloween costume.

The Associated Press reports a 90 percent chance the Eastern Seaboard will be clobbered be heavy rains, floods and gale-force winds. Damages could reach $1 billion. New York City and New Jersey are expected to see the worst of the storm, which will be at its strongest Tuesday night but will still be cause of concern as the week progresses.

It’s with this weather in mind that Halloween revelers will have to plan their costumes. The best “Frankenstorm” costume might include a yellow rain slicker and giant umbrella, but a wide range of creativity is essential. The costumed masses could also employ the look Nicholas Cage used during his starring role in “The Weather Man.” Playing a depressed meteorologist, Cage wore his hair in a long combover and spent a part of the movie with a giant mess of ice cream on his suit jacket.

Others have suggested wearing a hat with cotton balls around the brim to depict clouds along with green Frankenstein makeup.

One thing is for sure, the festive masses will have enough time to get their costumes together. The Frankenstorm is expected to dump rain and snow across the East Coast for almost a week.

“It’s almost a weeklong, five-day, six-day event,” National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration forecaster Jim Cisco told the AP. “It’s going to be a widespread serious storm.”

One costume that could be a hit and show fearlessness in the face of the storm would be Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel. Cantore has made his career as a storm tracker who doesn’t hesitate to broadcast amid the most dangerous weather. Anyone who has sat down to watch storm coverage will recognize a Halloween partygoer that’s wearing Cantore’s trademark bald head and blue jacket.

While the free candy and cheap alcohol might be tempting, meteorologists are stressing the importance of safety because of the storm’s relative unpredictability.

“We don’t have any modern precedents for what the models are suggesting,” Cisco added.