“Freakish” returns to Hulu with all-new, danger-filled episodes on Wednesday. The streaming service will release all 10 episodes of Season 2 on the same day, making it the perfect mid-week binge.

To recap, the last time we saw the students of Kent High School, Natalie (Aislinn Paul) sacrificed herself, Grover (Leo Howard) found out he’s a retrieval target and Lashawn (Melvin Gregg) returned to the school alive, but with other survivors he found.

freakish season 2 still Leo Howard and Liza Koshy return to “Freakish” in Season 2. Photo: Rachael Thompson / Hulu

In Season 2, we’ll meet those new survivors and see how the new characters will mesh with the old, as they all continue to fight the evil around them.

Before you dive in to the new episodes on Wednesdays, officially meet the new characters who are joining the series in its second season.

Anka Keller (Saxon Sharbino)

FREAKISH_02_SAXXON_SHARBINO Saxon Sharbino is joining “Freakish” in Season 2. Photo: Greg Lewis / Hulu

The favored daughter of the wealthy Keller family, Anka is smart, manipulative and always two steps ahead of the pack. She’s willing to use anyone to get what she wants. She arrives at Kent High ready to challenge the status quo and cause trouble for our heroes. She’s fiercely protective of her brother Ollie (Ryan McCartan), even though she’s often bothered by his inferior intellect. There’s nothing she won’t do to defend her family.

Hailey (Amanda Steele)

FREAKISH_02_AMANDA_STEELE Amanda Steele is joining “Freakish” in Season 2. Photo: Greg Lewis / Hulu

A normal girl who had her future planned out before the apocalypse disrupted it. She has no real survival skills, but is sweet and kind. One of us in the midst of the apocalypse. Earl (Jake Busey) saved her life and therefore treats her like she owes him her life. She’s in love with Birdie (Tati Gabrielle) and will do whatever it takes to stay with her and leave Earl behind.

Jake (Brant Daugherty)

FREAKISH_02_BRANT_DAUGHERTY Brant Daugherty is joining “Freakish” in Season 2. Photo: Greg Lewis / Hulu

Birdie’s brother-like figure and fellow Keller Chemical experimentee. Jake was a soldier before the lab. He rescued Birdie when the explosion happened and they met up with Earl amidst the chemical fog. He’s become Earl’s right-hand man, but only as long as it serves his ultimate goal, to get Birdie out of the valley and to a new life.

Sadie (Niki DeMartino)

FREAKISH_02_NIKI_DEMARTINO Niki DeMartino is joining “Freakish” in Season 2. Photo: Greg Lewis / Hulu

A couple days into the apocalypse and Sadie is already over it. A recent Kent High transfer student, Sadie passes the apocalypse by listening to music and ignoring pretty much everyone. However, she starts to develop romantic feelings for Diesel (Adam Hicks), unaware that he’s still grieving Natalie’s death.

Oliver “Ollie” Keller (Ryan McCartan)

FREAKISH_02_RYAN_MCCARTON Ryan McCartan is joining “Freakish” in Season 2. Photo: Greg Lewis / Hulu

Anka’s older brother and heir to the Keller empire. He is neither as smart nor as savvy as his sister. He’s always coasted by on his family’s name and his own charm. He’s always been able to trust his sister, but the apocalypse brings secrets to light that damage that trust.

Zane Hiatt (Jordan Calloway)

FREAKISH_02_JORDAN_CALLOWAY Jordan Calloway is joining “Freakish” in Season 2. Photo: Greg Lewis / Hulu

Violet’s (Liza Koshy) ex-boyfriend is a player whose handsome face and smooth demeanor are hard for most women to resist. A part-time college student and security guard at Keller Chemical, Zane is able to take charge and lead a group to safety after the explosion. While he and Violet have had a volatile relationship, he can’t help but credit her rash revenge move of blowing up his truck as the thing that saved his life. He’s still in love with her and is determined to get her back even though she has feelings for Grover.

“Freakish” Season 2 premieres on Hulu on Oct. 18.