Etudiants Muslmans de France, a national organization of French Muslim students, created a video condemning the Paris attacks and expressing solidarity with the victims. Posted to YouTube on Sunday, the moving video features students holding up placards that feature the hashtag #NousSommesUnis, French for “We are united.” Since it was posted, the video has been shared more than 213,000 times.

Images of the students are interspersed with video from Friday night in Paris, overlaid with a powerful, poetic message that expresses the need for solidarity. The message is translated in English below:

One for all and all for humanity.

Nearly 120 dead. A hundred wounded.

Three days of mourning because of eight suspected terrorists.

France is plunged into chaos and terror.

And I’m speechless …

They think they are waging war against the Crusaders,

and invoke the Quran and rely on its verses.

But shedding the blood of the innocent does not follow any law.

If they do not understand, I do not understand.

Will my heart have enough time to heal?

With Charlie Hebdo, Thalys and Paris attacked.

“I feel so sad for France,” my heart screams out loud,

and my faith follows my heart.

My faith, whose foundations are shaken.

By 120 deaths and millions of wounded hearts.

By what the terrorists did, convinced they made the right choice.

But the right faith will always condemn these attacks.

They wanted to weaken France.

They have strengthened the heart of the French.

A cry will be stronger: It is the cry of brotherhood.

One for all, and all for humanity.

We are and remain united forever.

“EMF strongly condemns the wave of violence that shook the capital,” the group wrote in French on its website. “Nothing, no principle, no suffering, no evil being, can justify the inhumanity, violence and acts of terror that were committed.”