Frozen Flame - islands
Frozen Flame sets players loose on a fractured yet fantastic world Dreamside Interactive


  • Fiber can be picked from specific plants that dot the landscape
  • Blocking at the right time reduces the stamina cost significantly
  • Enemies are vulnerable to friendly fire

There are a ton of important mechanics in "Frozen Flame" that the game simply doesn't tell players. This ranges from basic combat mechanics to simple resource locations and other interesting nuggets of information that any starting Pilgrim needs to know.

While there are still plenty of things to discover in this new open-world survival crafting game, players should at least know these three important facts to help them get started in "Frozen Flame."

Starting Minerals and Crafting Resources

Once players land in Arcana, they'll be greeted by Hornhead, an NPC who essentially serves as a guide. He'll send everyone he meets on a quest to help repair his horns, which is just an introduction to combat, crafting and gathering in disguise.

The quest involves crafting a Stone Pickaxe, which requires branches and fiber. The former is abundant, but the latter can be tricky to find. They either spawn randomly from broken crates or are simply picked from these tall grass-like plants.

Frozen Flame - Fiber
Fiber can be obtained by harvesting these plants throughout Cradle of Keepers and the nearby areas Frozen Flame

Players will also need to gather flint for crafting items later. These can be found by breaking veiny rocks alongside hills, mountains and outcrops.

Perfect Blocks Don't Drain Stamina

Combat in "Frozen Flame" heavily relies on stamina management. Spamming attacks and dodges are easy, but perfectly parrying incoming hits is more rewarding and efficient.

Timing blocks just before an attack negates stamina costs to almost none. Even big hits from boss enemies can be effectively nullified by performing this tactic. However, keep in mind that this won't prevent on-hit effects like bleeding and burning.

Crates and Crafting Stations Are Movable

Building bases can be a serious chore. At the very least, players won't have to worry about moving their all-important storage boxes and crafting stations while moving from one area to the next since they can be moved freely.

Approach a container or station and press "T" by default to pack it up. This will let players redeploy them somewhere else.

Packing boxes and stations up is extremely helpful once players graduate from the Cradle of Keepers and venture out into the rest of "Frozen Flame's" world.

Frozen Flame - Packing
Crafting stations and chests can be packed up and redeployed somewhere else in Frozen Flame Frozen Flame