Ryan Dunn
Ryan Dunn, the star of MTV's "Jackass" died on June 20, 2011 in a car crash. Reuters

As a homage to the former Jackass reality star, G4 will return Ryan Dunn's show Breaking Ground. The lineup will begin on July 19, but first, the network will air a special tribute episode of Attack of the Show, where those who knew Dunn best will share their memories of Dunn. Attack of the Show will air on the 19 at 7 PM.

Dunn died on June 20 when his Porsche 911 GT3 crashed after a drunken Dunn got behind the wheel. Also in the vehicle with Dunn when it crashed was his close friend Zachary Hartwell. When the car crashed it exploded into flames, and both men died at the scene.

G4's President, Neal Tiles said in a statement on Monday, Ryan was an incredible talent who will be missed tremendously by his many fans, including G4 viewers.

It was important to all of us at G4 to find a way to celebrate his life and pay tribute to him. With the support of Ryan's family, we've decided to air the remaining episodes of 'G4's Proving Ground' and give his fans the opportunity to continue watching this series that he was so passionate about.

The Breaking Ground series consist of nine half-hour episodes. The first episode aired last week. The series will continue nearly one month after Dunn's death, on July 19 at 8 PM, and features Dunn and Jessica Chobot. The show follows Dunn and Chobot who set out to see if some of the most memorable scenes from video games, comics, and movies can be replicated in the real world.

Although most of the attention has been put on Dunn due to his celebrity status, Hartwell was also killed in the crash, and Jackass director Jeff Tremaine took a moment to touch on his relationship with Hartwell.

Tremaine stated, via Examiner.com, by way of the Jackass production site:

Zach was a war vet and he was pretty hardcore. If you messed with him it was going to come back to you tenfold. I can't remember exactly what Trip [Taylor] had done to him while we there, but the payback was that Zach got a key to Trip's hotel room and peed on both of his pillows. It takes balls to do that to Trip-trust me. On another day, I'd done something mean to him, and for that he shit into a Wawa cup during a morning coffee stop and put it on the hood of our car.

We hung out every night after filming and right away it felt like we had been friend's for a long time. One of these nights we were out shooting pool and I had an impossible shot. I bet Zach that if I made it he would have to drink a glass of pee-mine. I hit the shot and he honored the bet. I know it sounds disgusting, but my pee isn't that bad. In fact, Knoxville hardly ever notices whenever I pee in his drinks.

Aside from all these pranks, Zach took his job for us seriously and worked really hard. I appreciated him very much and will always consider him my friend.

Rest in peace, brother.

-Jeff Tremaine