• The national lockdown in England starts on Nov. 5 and will last until Dec. 2
  • The lockdown affects the release date of Xbox Series X and PS5 in the region
  • U.K. retailers are modifying their policies on releasing next-gen gaming consoles' pre-orders

Several retailers in the U.K. could not confirm new next-generation gaming consoles’ stock during the lockdown and GAME recently announced that Xbox Series X’s fans who have not pre-ordered might not be able to secure one at the console’s launch day.

GAME through its official Twitter account informed those who pre-ordered Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S to come and pre-purchase the console from Nov. 1 until the evening of Nov. 4. Those who would avail could collect the console on launch day between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. The retailer also noted that the announcement is only for customers who have an in-store deposit or pre-order for Microsoft’s next-generation gaming console.

A follower asked if he could queue up in the store before it opens on the release day even without a pre-order to secure a console. However, GAME said that it does not have any confirmation that there would be stocks for customers that haven't pre-ordered the Xbox Series X. The retailer also advised potential buyers to check its website for updates to avoid unnecessary travel to the store.

PlayStation & Xbox
Pictured at Logos for Xbox and PlayStation. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

Meanwhile, Smyths announced that pre-orders scheduled to release within the lockdown period would be available for release on their collection date. It also advised customers to wait for the collection email before going to the store. It added that it would only accept payment through cards and would be taken upon collection.

Argos, on the other hand, offers collections from associated branches of Sainsbury’s and in stores, considering that as a supermarket, it will stay open despite the lockdown. The nationwide lockdown in England will start Thursday, Nov. 5 with all non-essential retailers in the U.K. instructed to close to visitors staring Nov. 5 midnight until Dec. 2.

The lockdown affects the release date of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, which is scheduled on Nov. 10, and Sony’s PS5, which is set to arrive on Nov. 19. While deliveries and collection can still continue, it is unfortunate that those who did not pre-order Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have no guarantee that they could get the gaming console on its launch day.