The production of “Game of Thrones” Season 6 is expected to begin soon at the Magheramorne quarry where scenes of the Wall in the show were filmed. Meanwhile, cast members teased the next season using one word each.

In an interview on MakingGameofThrones, some of the cast members were asked which other character they wanted to be on the show and in what scene. The cast members were also asked to describe their respective characters in one word to tease the events in the next season.

John Bradley [Samwell Tarly] said he wanted to be a part of the major battle sequence in the “Hardhome” episode in Season 5. The actor said he knew the battle was going to be an “amazing sequence” but added his character wasn’t a part of the scene because of “justifiable narrative reasons.” His one-word tease for the next season was “rich,” and the actor also said the TV series has always been “bursting with ideas” and the scripts they have received so far are “following that trend.”

Maisie Williams [Arya Stark,] Natalie Dormer [Margaery Tyrell,] Carice Van Houten [Melisandre] and Hannah Murray [Gilly] have yet to read the scripts for “Game of Thrones” Season 6. Conleth Hill [Lord Varys] teased the next season will be “amazing” while Alfie Allen [Theon Greyjoy] described his script as “unpredictable.”

The producers apparently played a practical joke on Allen by sending him a fake script. A video of an interview with Conan O’Brien shows the actor revealing the fake script showed that Theon would be stabbed by Bran Stark [Isaac Hempstead Wright] after saying Winterfell belonged to him. The producers also joked about bringing him back as a zombie in Season 7 with no dialogue.

Williams is excited to be filming in Croatia this time around because Sophie Turner [Sansa Stark] had been filming her scenes in that country without her and she had been shown videos of the cast and crew playing in the ocean. This time Williams will be in Croatia and Turner will not.

WatchersOnTheWall reported filming signs for “Game of Thrones” Season 6 have been put up outside the Magheramorne Quarry. The location was previously used to film scenes of the Night’s Watch and the report speculates the location may once again be used to film scenes of the north.