It’s finally here. After months of waiting, “Game of Thrones” Season 5 will premiere tonight on HBO. As many people gear up to host a viewing party with all of their friends, some are looking for a way to turn their night up to eleven.

After four seasons of plot, surprises and character development, the show’s more die-hard fans probably know a handful of non-spoiler things that will happen during the premiere. So, why not have a little fun with that and turn it into a drinking game? Below are the rules for the “Game of Thrones” Season 5 premiere drinking game to help you and your friends really enjoy your Sunday night.

Remember, these rules are only suggestions. Above all, know your limits and please drink responsibly. Now, grab your bottle of "Game of Thrones"-themed beer and let's get started.

- Two or more characters meet for the first time – 1 sip

- Someone says "winter is coming" – 1 sip

- Someone says “Valar Morghulis” – 1 sip

- Female nudity – 2 sips

- Male nudity – 3 sips

- A dragon breathes fire – 1 shot (preferably of Fireball Whiskey)

- A White Walker appears – 3 sips

- A Wight appears – 2 sips

- Varys (Conleth Hill) gives a long, pointed and cryptic speech – 2 sips

- Jon Snow (Kit Harington) is called a “bastard” – 1 sip

- Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) makes anyone in the room laugh – 3 sips

- Arya (Maisie Williams) draws her sword – 2 sips

- A dead character is mentioned – Toast 1 drink with your friends and say “Hodor!”

- HBO GO has to buffer because too many people are watching the premiere – 2 sips (and a bathroom break because you’ve probably got time)

- A no-name character dies – 1 sip

- A key character (someone who has been around for at least a season) dies – Finish your drink!

There you have it, your official rules to help you and your friends have a bit more fun with the premiere on HBO. Again, the point of this game is to have fun. Don’t drink more than you can handle and get home responsibly, tomorrow is a Monday after all.