The encounter with the Stone Men will have a lasting impact on one major character in “Game of Thrones” Season 5. The executive producers of the show, author George R.R. Martin and some of the cast members shared details about who the Stone Men are in a video.

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“Game of Thrones” Season 5 showed viewers for the first time what it was like when greyscale disease spread fully. George R.R. Martin, the author of the book series on which the TV series is based, explained how the disease hardens the skin and turns it grey in color. “If it affects the brain at all, it also brings with it madness,” the author said in the video.

Stone Men are people from Westeros who have the greyscale disease and have been sent to live in isolation in Valyria. Executive producer David Benioff explained in the video this is the same disease Stannis Baratheon’s daughter, Shireen, had.

“Shireen was presented with a gift and it was infected with greyscale, but they managed to stop it from spreading any further than her cheek,” said Kerry Ingram, the young actress who plays the disfigured character. Episode 4 featured a touching scene between Stannis and Shireen that showed a father’s love for his daughter.

The video also shows how the Stone Men were created for episode 5. “We had Shireen’s look to kind of go from, we knew it was going to be this incredibly extreme version of it,” said Barry Gower who is the prosthetics supervisor. The crew members apparently took four hours to create the Stone Men look on the face and shoulders of each stunt man. A stunt man who played one of the Stone Men said it was like wearing a “wetsuit” on his face.

The greyscale disease may play an important role in the storyline of Jorah Mormont. The character caught the highly infectious disease in episode 5. Tyrion Lannister also pointed out in a previous episode Jorah’s chances of redeeming himself by delivering him to Daenerys are bleak. The mother of dragons could pardon Tyrion and execute Jorah, the Lannister said.

Tyrion also encountered a dragon for the very first time. Drogon is the only dragon roaming freely while his brothers were locked in a dungeon by Daenerys. The mother of dragons is currently concerned about the welfare and security of Meereen, and it remains to be seen how she would react to Jorah getting infected with the grayscale disease.

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