A high schooler in California was brutally beaten by a group of teenagers outside a Jurupa Valley school after classes ended. The incident was captured on video and the parents of the victim are seeking action against those involved.

The incident reportedly occurred at the parking lot of Patriot High School which is part of the Jurupa Unified School District. The video captured three boys continuously kicking and punching the freshman student while he lay curled up on the ground.

The boy didn't break any bones, however, he did suffer a concussion, doctors at the hospital told his father, Angel Payan, KTLA reported. The victim went back to school after being attacked and the institution then contacted his parents.

Angel said he rushed to the school after he learned of his son's condition and found that the institution had not bothered to seek medical help for his son's visible injuries.

The victim's father questioned the school's decision to not treat the situation like an emergency and call 911.

"My son said that when they did one of the kicks, his face kind of slid on the concrete, so he has scratches all over his face," the victim's mother Martha Payan told the outlet.

The beating was preceded by threats made to the victim on social media over a dispute about a girl, said Martha, who also claimed that one of her son's attackers was a high school senior from a nearby school while the other two attackers were aged 18 or above. The mother demanded action be taken against these individuals.

Police have yet to confirm the ages of the attackers. Fights on school grounds are counted as a misdemeanor and carry a sentence of up to three months in county jail or a fine of up to $400, or both.

Martha was angered over the inefficacy of school staff or resource officers to break up the fight. Speaking of the terrifying attack, she said, "They're stomping on his head, my son is on the floor in a fetal position." She further added, "He's helpless. It's just heartbreaking...because I know that kids, my son, had to go through that with no staff or anyone to help while he was on the floor being stomped on."

The victim's cousin tried to break up the fight but one of the attackers threatened him with a knife and told him to stay away or face consequences, Martha said.

The school district declined to comment on the matter and asked the outlet to contact law enforcement.

In a statement to the outlet, Riverside County Sheriff's Department clarified, "The incident was reported after school hours. Therefore, no school resource officers were on campus. It is currently being investigated."

Angel and Martha have pulled their son out of school and are deciding between having him pursue independent studies or admitting him to a different school within/outside the district.

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