Lori Loughlin’s Jennifer Shannon has a new case to help solve in Sunday’s premiere of “Garage Sale Mysteries: Picture a Murder” on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

In the latest installment of the franchise, garage sale shopper Jenn and her business partner Dani (Sarah Strange) “have agreed to take on consignment the vintage camera collection of local businessman Larry Brady (Tom Tasse), who recently dropped dead of a heart attack at his 60th birthday party,” the synopsis begins. Once they develop the film in one of the cameras, they find that one photo shows the moment that Larry collapsed. Upon further inspection of the picture, Jenn discovers what looks to be a pair of gloved hands and a syringe. This leads her to believe that the man was murdered, and she brings this discovery of hers to Detective Lynwood (Kevin O’Grady). That doesn’t stop her from beginning her own investigation, though, of course.

“On the home front, Hannah (Eva Bourne) is convinced that her brother, Logan (Connor Stanhope), has a secret and wants him to share it with her, while Jason (Steve Bacic) has agreed to assist Dani hire some part-time help at the shop,” the synopsis continues. “Jenn soon meets all the members of Larry’s extended family, who become her entire roster of suspects in Larry’s death: Walter Meadows (Donny Lucas) and his daughter Tess (Naika Toussaint), whose restaurant is in dire need of the dead man’s past due partnership payment; Ian Hathaway (John Emmet Tracy), Brady’s attorney; Sandy (Michelle Harrison) who, unknown to everyone was Brady’s lover; Brady’s estranged brother, Scott (William MacDonald), and Scott’s son Tony (Ed Ruttle).”

garage sale picture
Lori Loughlin in “Garage Sale Mysteries: Picture A Murder.” Crown Media / Ryan Plummer

It’s difficult for Jenn to figure out right away who might’ve murdered Larry because each of his family members had a different motive for possibly wanting him dead. Slowly, Jenn finds more clues about his death and is able to begin narrowing down the suspect pool. She walks down a couple dead-end streets along the way, but finally, she starts to close in on the murderer.

“During Larry’s memorial service held at the family mansion, everything about the crime fits together for Jenn and she becomes certain she knows who the killer is,” the synopsis reveals. “In fact, the killer confirms Jenn’s conclusion by meeting her in a dark room…at gunpoint.”

As she waits for Lynwood to hopefully arrive and give her the help she needs, Jenn will have to find a way to overtake the killer, before they make her the next victim.

“Garage Sale Mysteries: Picture a Murder” debuts on Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT.