Faison may finally be gone but his death managed to ruin the lives of many Port Charles residents. Jason and Drew must now figure out who has the answers they need to learn more about their switch, but on the Thursday, Feb. 1 episode of “General Hospital,” Drew asks for help from someone who has a history of lying.

In the previous episode of the ABC soap, Faison’s (Anders Hove) life finally came to an end following his gunshot wound.

After refusing to give Jason (Steve Burton) answers about his and Drew’s (Billy Miller) switch, the deranged criminal suggested Drew knew more than he realizes and the one other person who can give them answers is hiding in plain sight.

In the promo for the ABC soap opera, Drew is seen telling Liz (Rebecca Herbst) he needs her help.

This request comes as a surprise seeing as Liz initially lied to Drew about his identity, and almost ruined his future with Sam (Kelly Monaco). Could Drew be plotting to do something to Jason that only Liz can help him with?

Elsewhere in the “GH” preview, Jason tells Sam that Faison has died. Spoilers reveal things don’t go as planned for Jason, which most likely refers to the death of the man who switched him with his twin.

When Jason last saw Faison, he was recovering from his surgery. Jason questioned him about the switch, but was interrupted before he could get any answers.

Later on, Faison received a visit from Peter (Wes Ramsey), who called him “Dad,” confirming he was the “other son,” also known as Henrik.

As Peter gloated about being able to beat his father at his own game, Faison began to struggle to breathe. Instead of allowing his dad to call the nurse for help, he pulled away the call button and left his father to die.

Now that Peter feels confident about hiding in plain sight and working for Sam and Drew, it seems like he is just getting started when it comes to ruining the lives of Port Charles citizens.

With Jason and Drew on different pages, they may never figure why Peter and Faison chose them for their experiment.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. EST on ABC.