Sam’s plan to bring Shiloh down took a scary turn, but Jason was able to save the day. For the week of May 27 on “General Hospital,” Shiloh will do some damage control while Sam propositions Jason.

Last week on “GH,” Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) drugged Sam (Kelly Monaco) and tried to finish her Dawn of Day trust initiation ceremony by sexually assaulting her. However, Jason (Steve Burton) arrived in time to throw Shiloh down the stairs and save Sam.

According to Soap Hub, “General Hospital” spoilers suggest Shiloh will play both sides. In the ABC promo video for next week, Sam tells Shiloh the game is over, and he lost. After Shiloh realizes Sam isn’t the perfect student like he thought she was, he will scramble to cover his tracks.

“GH” spoilers suggest Shiloh plays both sides. It appears Shiloh will come up with a plan to turn allies against one another in order to carry out his mission to make Dawn of Day an intricate part of the Port Charles community.

He will have to do a lot of manipulation to dig himself out of the hole he made, but will his scheme come between Jason and Sam?

Sam may not be completely finished with Shiloh and spoilers suggest she will proposition Jason. It appears the couple will have an eventful summer as they work together to get rid of Shiloh once and for all.

Elsewhere, Ava (Maura West) will be in hot water after she decided to stab Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) in front of the police, luckily Scott (Kin Shriner) will be by her side through it all. “General Hospital” spoilers suggest Scott gives Ava the support she needs.

When officers arrested Ryan, they attempted to walk him to the police car, but, Ava grabbed a knife from the coffee table and stabbed the man who killed her daughter. Will Scott be able to save Ava from facing charges or will she have to pay for her crime?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. EDT on ABC.