It will be a day of pure concern and shock for the residents of Port Charles. On the Tuesday, July 10 episode of “General Hospital,” Michael will continue his plan to expose Nelle as Chase rattles her confidence.

In the promo for the upcoming ABC episode, Michael (Chad Duell) tells Jason (Steve Burton) he and Nelle (Chloe Lanier) will get married tomorrow. “General Hospital” spoilers reveal Michael apologizes.

Although Michael believes his plan to gain Nelle’s trust will eventually free Carly (Laura Wright) from Ferncliff, everyone else is worried that his bride-to-be will kill him before he can fully carry out his mission.

In the ABC promo video, Carly tells Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) she could have fought someone like Nelle in her sleep. “GH” spoilers reveal Carly confides in Kevin.

Carly has been very clear that she doesn’t want Michael to go through with marrying Nelle. Now that Jason is no longer working at Ferncliff, the only person she can really talk to is Kevin.

While Carly seems worried about her son getting hurt in the process of trying to expose Nelle, Sonny (Maurice Benard) seems confident their son can take care of himself. In the promo, Sonny says they need to trust Michael.

Sonny has been so busy trying to locate the body Mike (Max Gail) buried that he has had no choice but to trust his son is smart enough not to get killed by his fiancée.

With all the worrying Michael has caused, will he apologize for concerning his family, or is there something else he needs to make amends for?

Elsewhere in the promo for the upcoming episode, Chase (Josh Swickard) tells Nelle her marriage to Michael isn’t going to work. Spoilers reveal Nelle is shaken. She is finally getting everything she wants, but it looks like the detective has her doubting her happy ending.

In the previous episode, Michael kept talking about getting married and Nelle made arrangements to have their wedding in the Metro Court the following day. Nelle made sure she shared the news with Chase and even encouraged him to congratulate her.

With Chase alluding to the idea that Nelle’s plans won’t work out in her favor, will she begin to doubt the man she is supposed to marry? Michael has been working with Chase and Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) to bring her down, but if Chase starts to make his old flame suspicious about her husband-to-be, he could jeopardize the entire operation.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. EDT on ABC.