It will be a day of break-ups and disappointment in Port Charles as residents are forced to face reality. On the Thursday, July 5 episode of “General Hospital,” Drew and Sam address the state of their marriage as Oscar shares his feelings about Julian with Kim.

In the promo video for the ABC soap opera, Drew (Billy Miller) tells Sam (Kelly Monaco) they are officially divorced. When Sam revealed she still loved Jason (Steve Burton), her marriage to his twin quickly fell apart. Now that she and Drew are officially divorced, they will realize their relationship was pretty much over the moment Jason’s true identity was revealed.

In the previous episode, Sam finally experienced a moment that she had only been able to dream. When she and Danny (T.K. Weaver) ran into Jason on the Fourth of July, Jason put Danny on his shoulders and they watched the fireworks together. At that moment, the three appeared to be the picture perfect family Sam always hoped for.

“General Hospital” spoilers reveal Sam makes a clean break. Now that Sam is legally free from Drew, will she follow her heart and get back together with Jason?

Elsewhere in the ABC promo, Oscar (Garren Stitt) tells Kim (Tamara Braun) he’s ready for her to stop wasting her time with Julian (William deVry). In the previous episode, Oscar told Josslyn (Eden McCoy) that he hated the fact his mother was with Julian. Although Josslyn understood his frustration, she reminded him there wasn’t much he could do about it at the moment.

“GH” spoilers reveal Kim has a talk with Oscar. Now that Drew and Sam’s divorce has been finalized, Oscar believes there is a chance his parents could get back together.

While the teen is hopeful his parents will reconcile, Kim may have to gently crush her son’s dreams. Even though Kim still has feelings for Drew, she has begun to fall for Julian. He may not be her ideal guy, but they have fun together and he makes her smile. Meanwhile, although Drew is technically single now, he may want some time to discover who he is without being attached to Sam, and jumping into another relationship won’t help him figure things out.

Will Oscar accept that Drew and Kim may never get back together, or will he try to find a way to make his parents fall in love?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. EDT on ABC.