Shiloh has been desperate to reunite with Willow and Wiley, and he believes Franco is the answer to his problems. On the Tuesday, Aug. 20 episode of “General Hospital,” Shiloh will try to manipulate Franco into sharing Drew’s memories.

In the promo video for the ABC soap opera, Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) tells Franco (Roger Howarth) there is so much more that he doesn’t know. “General Hospital” spoilers reveal Shiloh proposes an exchange.

In the previous “GH” episode, viewers learned that Shiloh was denied bailed and scheduled to be transferred to Pentonville. Before he could be transported, Shiloh had a tense conversation with Franco.

Shiloh told Franco that they were friends, but Drew (Billy Miller) betrayed him. Franco replied by telling him they were never friends. Franco reminded Shiloh that he remembered accusing him of treason, but the Dawn of Day leader knocked him out before he could report him to their superiors.

When Franco refused to tell Shiloh the location of the money, the cult leader tried to offer him a deal. Shiloh told Franco he would tell him the name of Helena’s (Constance Towers) male accomplice in exchange for the money.

Franco passed on the offer, but Shiloh insisted he should consider using the money to change his life. It appears Shiloh will make a desperate attempt to get Franco to change his mind about Drew’s memories.

Although Franco isn’t interested in Shiloh’s offer, will the DOD leader manipulate Franco into reconsidering his decision about Drew’s memories?

Elsewhere in the ABC promo video, Scott (Kin Shriner) tells Drew that he has to work around, and doesn’t think Franco is going to like it. Even though Franco can’t remember that Scott is his father, the lawyer vowed to get him out of jail.

It appears Scott plans on keeping his word but may upset Franco in the process. Will Scott reach out to Liz (Rebecca Herbst) to help Franco, or does the lawyer have something else in mind?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays airs 3 p.m. EDT on ABC.

General Hospital
Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) plans to take extreme measures to gain custody of his son on “General Hospital.” The actor is pictured in a scene from a previous episode. ABC